There are many areas where you can visit as outdoor museum in immediate vicinity of Sokakağzı that is put under protection as protected area. Immediate vicinity, Koyunevi and Bademli villages are places where are visited for first reconnaissance. Gülpınar and Ayvacık are the most largest and developed villages among the villages where are near to Sokakağzı. When you travel purlieus, you can visit the 2000 years old Temple of Apollo Smintheus  where is in 10 minutes from Gülpınar, which has resroration works for many years…  There is visual expression of Trojan War that Homeros narrates in İliad, in residuals where in the Temple of Smintheus.

Sokakağzı is a corner of paradise, a quiet cove in Assos. And sea is serene and quiet..
There is large coast which covered with sand. You can get the utmost enjoyment out of sun under the umbrella that is in private beach area of Ada Motel.

Ada Motel's pool is the most beautiful alternative of Sokakağzı's coast that is serene, spacious, quiet. Our pool which is prefered all the time by the people who say ''pool pleasure is another'' , is ideal for relieving tiredness and making pleasure.

We present mixed turkish village breakfast and dinner which has sea food from the hands of our master chef in our restourant that has Lesbos Island view.

We invite to atv motor adventure for people who say little adrenaline…  Unique race tracks are waiting for new discoverer…

You can experience fishing which is a unique experience in boat tours that organize in fishing boat.

You should live excitement on the sea and pleasure on the sea together with speed boat that is 8-foot 125-horsepower.

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